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Community Outreach Program

Fort Washington Medical Center ‘s Community Outreach program is based on our commitment to provide our community access to quality care and preventive services to enhance the overall wellness of the communities we serve. Through community outreach, FWMC seeks to establish meaningful partnerships with faith-based groups, community-based organizations, educational institutions, businesses, legislative and appointed officials, and other groups to promote wellness and a healthier lifestyle for all community residents.

Some of Our Community Outreach Initiatives

Community Outreach Initiatives

FWMC connects with the community by participating in events of mutual interest to the hospital and patient population. We hold memberships within various healthcare-related organizations, including the Maryland Hospital Association and the American Hospital Association. We also serve on key committees, such as the Prince George’s County Healthcare Coalition, the Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce and other organizations to contribute to the health and well-being of our neighbors. The hospital maintains a direct link to the community through its Community Outreach program.

Health Fairs

FWMC participates in many local health fairs each year. Upon request from churches, schools, businesses, and other community organizations, the hospital provides free clinical screenings, distributes health literature, offers health education and makes referrals to our services and programs, such as our Diabetes Self-Management and Education Program. If you would like FWMC to participate in your health fair, call 301-686-9010 (ext. 100).

FWMC Community Walking & Education Program

At FWMC, we are only as healthy as our neighboring communities. That is why we partner with the Prince George’s Parks & Recreation’s Southern Regional Technology and Recreation Complex and LG Total Fitness, to offer a walking program. Participants walk independently throughout the week and meet up at the complex on Saturday mornings to walk together.

We also hold periodic health education classes to address various medical topics to keep participants informed and healthy. To learn more about the Community Walking & Education Program, call 301-686-9010.

Hear it from Our Patients

Jody Beard has suffered from knee pain for many years. Not anymore, thanks to knee replacement surgery through the Fort Washington Medical Center Joint Replacement Program.
This surgery has changed my life. I no longer lay on shopping carts for support or agonize when walking on concrete. After two knee replacements, now I am all over the place. I’m walking around the school where I work without pain. My granddaughter says I don’t walk like a penguin anymore. I have my surgeon and the FWMC staff to thank for that!
~ Jody Beard