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Fort Washington Medical Center acknowledges the report of the Leapfrog Group and its Safety Grades program released earlier today for the spring of 2018. This program, which assigns A, B, C, D and F letter grades to U.S. hospitals bi-annually, represents a hospital’s overall performance in keeping patients safe from preventable harm and medical errors. Fort Washington Medical Center’s grade for this period is an “F”. This marks the second time that Maryland Hospitals have been included in these semi-annual survey results

Fort Washington, along with other hospitals across the state, supports transparency in sharing our safety and quality information with our patients and the community. We recognize that continuous quality and process improvement are an essential part of hospital operations and safety. We are working towards the goal of improving our hospital’s safety program. .

As with any report card, the Leapfrog grades must be interpreted in context. Some of the data used to calculate grades is from older periods, and does not reflect our recent experience or outcomes. For example, since 2016, Fort Washington Medical Center has been among the best in the State of Maryland in the area of Hospital Acquired Conditions. However, a large portion of the Leapfrog grade is derived from multiple reporting periods including information from July 2014 to September 2015 for Hospital Acquired Conditions. The time period used represents the lowest scores for Fort Washington Medical Center.

While we are disappointed in the overall score, we were pleased that since the Fall 2017 grade release, we have seen improved scores in many areas including infection rates, ICU physician staffing, doctor and nurse communication and staff responsiveness. We know that we can and will score higher in the future. Fort Washington Medical Center is dedicated to continual process improvements. An action plan has been developed and is being implemented that will enhance the hospital’s culture of safety and improve performance based on industry standards.

Fort Washington Medical Center participated in Leapfrog’s voluntary survey to be transparent, to gain benchmark data and to improve patient safety. We continuously work to improve safety and quality for our patients.
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Hear it from Our Patients

Jody Beard has suffered from knee pain for many years. Not anymore, thanks to knee replacement surgery through the Fort Washington Medical Center Joint Replacement Program.
This surgery has changed my life. I no longer lay on shopping carts for support or agonize when walking on concrete. After two knee replacements, now I am all over the place. I’m walking around the school where I work without pain. My granddaughter says I don’t walk like a penguin anymore. I have my surgeon and the FWMC staff to thank for that!
~ Jody Beard